Ransomware Groups are at War With their Malware’s Creators!

Ransomware is a rather odious piece of malware that, once infected on your system, looks to encrypt all of your files and charge you for the privilege of getting them back. Payments are, of course, often requested in Bitcoin due to the inability for it to be tracked. The bottom line though is that it is, without a doubt, one of the most dangerous online threats that both companies and average consumers (like you and me) face.

In something to help cheer us all up a little, however, following a report via TechSpot, it appears that there is something of a war ongoing between the various Ransomware groups around the world and the person/s who designed the malware they use!

Stick around for this one, because I promise you it’s good!

Ransomware Groups Get Money Stolen – From the Software Creators!

So, what’s going on here exactly? Well, let me just give up a quick update on how these groups operate. Put simply, many of them are not talented enough to actually create the malware. They, therefore, contact people who are ‘smart’ enough to develop it to obtain the program. The premise is rather simple, the group gets the Ransomware virus, they spread it around the internet looking to find victims, and then the creator/s get a cut of the profits it generates.

It’s certainly not legal, and, in fact, I think they are the absolute scum of the earth. The principle of the operation is, however, pretty easy to understand.

Here is where things get fun though. It turns out that many Ransomware groups are exceptionally angry at the creator/s of their program. Why? Well, it turns out that (with them clearly being good at coding) a backdoor existed in the malware that effectively allowed them to hijack successful ransomware attacks and, basically, cut out the middle man.

Yes, ransomware groups are having their ill-gotten gains stolen from them. Admittedly though, only from the person who they originally contacted to set their business up in the first place. Still, though, you got to laugh, haven’t you?…

What Happens Now?

Well, to quote one of my most favourite fictional lawyers, “criminals have no recourse”. Yep, there is absolutely nothing the ransomware groups can do to stop themselves from getting continually screwed over here. Well, not unless they smarten themselves up to the point that they can start creating their own malware programs. And in the vast majority of cases, that’s exceptionally unlikely!

Put simply though, it seems that there might be a ‘trust’ issue currently bubbling over in the ransomware community. I do, however, think that the video below sums up my thoughts quite concisely here.

Oh, and please watch out for ransomware. While this is money being stolen from criminals, it ultimately was firstly stolen off someone who was legitimately caught out here!

What do you think though? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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