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Rare Nintendo PlayStation Console Listed for Sale

Remember when SEGA and Nintendo ruled the gaming world? I certainly do, and it was a great time for gaming. However, the market was getting ready to push into the more polygons and 3D than ever before. Sony and Nintendo were working together to create a SNES that could harness the power of the wonderful Compact Disc. That’s right, there was a time when CD’s were new!

Nintendo PlayStation

The result was the Super NES CD-ROM system. Or you may know it as better as the PlayStation. Nintendo was very happy with the product, it was going well. The team they partnered with at Sony did a fantastic job on blending Nintendo and CD Rom into one unit. However, something went badly wrong. Nintendo forgot to check the finer points of their contract, which gave Sony quite the advantage when it came to sales. They backed out at the last minute. Sony re-tooled it, made it better, and made it the Sony PlayStation. The rest, as they say, is history. At least we got the N64, so it’s not all bad. However, Nintendo avoided CD’s for quite sometime after that.

For Sale

The console is for sale right now. Obviously, it’s a very rare prototype and there aren’t exactly a lot out there. However, for the serious collector, it’s a big deal. There’s no eBay auction either. However, there’s an email address (in the tweet above) for serious buyers to contact the seller. How much would you be willing to offer? Unless you’re feeling a bit fat in the wallet, I can bet, it’s not enough.


Well, we’ve not really heard of games for them. However, a few years ago, someone did get one working. Check it out here or in the video below.

Peter Donnell

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