Raspberry Pi 2 Reboots When Exposed to Camera Flashes

/ 2 years ago

rasp pi 2

The recently released Raspberry Pi 2 is susceptible to reboots when exposed to camera flashes, according to user reports. The resets are caused by the ‘photoelectric effect’, first discovered by Albert Einstein, for which he won the Nobel Prize. The Raspberry Pi’s creator, Eben Upton, isn’t fazed by the glitch, instead calling it an “unintentional educational bonus”.

“It’s an interesting demonstration of the photoelectric effect,” Upton said. “If I had to pick a bug in the Raspberry Pi, excessive sensitivity to paparazzi is the one I would pick. If this was destroying devices I would be less cheerful about it.”

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Upton says, “We have no real plans to fix it,” but adds, “We might use a component with more optical screening in the future.”

Finally, he suggests, “If you are intent on taking flash photos of your Pi, you can stick Blu-Tack on it.”

Source: BBC

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  • Ryan Airth

    It’s an odd bug that’s for sure.

  • Kishin Ro

    I may get one and check if same issue exits.

  • andre silva

    lol…Still i want one

  • Awwww~

  • EzDzR

    This is not a deal breaker.