Rasperry Pi experiences production issues

/ 6 years ago

The Rasperry Pi production process has experienced some delays. The issue has been with the RJ45 (ethernet/LAN) ports on the products, all B models were attached with RJ45 ports that feature no integrated magnets. Why is this a problem? You might ask, well essentially the faulty RJ45 ports leave the Rasperry Pis without any internet connectivity whatsoever. This essentially makes the Rasperry Pi B models which cost $35 the same as the Rasperry Pi A models which cost $25 as the only difference between them is that the B models are supposed to feature RJ45 internet connectivity.

Rasperry Pi have stated that they have sent all the products back to the factory and ordered in a new batch of RJ45 ports. They have already begun the process of removing all the faulty jacks and replacing them with new working ones. Apparently the first few batches will experience no delays but as they get further down the order list delays may occur because they are struggling to get hold of enough magnetised RJ45 jacks.

Source: Rasperry Pi

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