Rasperry Pi gets Android 4.0 ICS support

/ 5 years ago

Some budding enthusiasts have managed to get Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich working on the Rasperry Pi SOC. While Android allows Raspberry Pi to act like a smartphone or tablet and run the Android 4.0 OS, the single core 700MHz ARM processor and 256MB of RAM aren’t quite up to the hardware standard required to run it effectively.

Consequently, the system is often laggy and unresponsive. However, getting hardware accelerated video and the graphics to function correctly is an impressive achievement for the $25 PC. Th enext step in the process is to get audio on the system working. As of right now, the port is not publicly available, although they plan to release it as soon as two kernels merge.

Once the port has been made public and had time for tweaking we could easily see lagging and stuttering fixed as best as the hardware allows.

You can see the attached video for more details on the Android ICS 4.0 port to the Rasperry Pi. Impressive stuff if you consider this isn’t a $200+ smartphone or tablet, just a mere $25 system board.



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