Rasurbo SC-08 case goes on sale

/ 6 years ago

Budget cases are very popular in the current day and age. As much as we’d all like to own a Cosmos II it is simply not practical or financially viable for the vast majority of us. The German case brand Rasurbo are one of the companies that thrive out of the budget case market, although in the past some of their designs have been far from attractive until recently. Their new Rasurbo SC-08 PC case is just €32.90 and has an attractive design for such a reasonably priced budget case. It features support for only Micro-ATX or smaller motherboards, but the cheapest motherboards are generally Micro-ATX so this is a sensible move.

You’re probably not going to be putting a monstrous graphics card in this case, but should you want to you can squeeze in a 36cm card providing you do not occupy the appropriate drive bays. You can mount four 3.5″ drives (with vibration dampening) and a single 5.25″ drives which should be more than enough for most budget users. The front IO consists of a generous four USB 2.0 and the usual audio jacks. Surprisingly the front and bottom of the case feature dust filtered fan slots and you can fit in four fans in total. The power supply is top mounted. The case also comes with a 2 year warranty should anything go wrong.



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