Ravaged Demo Now Available On Steam

/ 5 years ago

Following Ravaged’s successful, critically-acclaimed launch, 2 Dawn Games’ has made the demo – now including two gameplay modes and a second map – free and available for everyone to play. Download the demo now from Steam HERE.

2 Dawn Games also updated the retail and the demo versions of Ravaged with key community-driven features, including:

  • Dedicated server files now available for players and clans to host their own games
  • Improved browser filter options added
  • Quick Match has been added (for joining the best server)
  • The Liberty map has been added to the demo
  • The demo now includes two modes: Capture the Resources (Canyon) and Thrust (Liberty)
  • Additional protection has been provided to re-spawning players, including 1) When in the main base, re-spawning players get 15 seconds of “god mode”; 2) There is no protection when main base is final target for opposing team in Thrust
  • Weapon-based vehicles are more balanced
  • The harpoon, crossbow and rocket truck artillery have been balanced
  • The minimum votes for kicking has been adjusted
  • “Spectate” button has been moved
  • Selected weapon highlighting has been fixed
  • Performance optimizations

The online multiplayer first-person shooter Ravaged, featuring eight maps and more than 40 vehicles and weapons, is now available for $24.99 on Windows PC from SteamRain Digital Games2DawnGamesGameStop,Gamers GateOrigin, and GameFly.

For more information on Ravaged, please visit: www.2dawn.com. Be sure to follow 2 Dawn Games on Twitter and Facebook.

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