Ravaged on sale, DLC roadmap release.

/ 5 years ago

Following the news of Ravaged’s permanent price drop to $9.99 and its current Autumn Steam and Rain Digital Games sale at $4.99, 2 Dawn Games and Reverb Publishing today revealed a sneak peak at the three-month blueprint of downloadable content for the first-person shooter.

On Thursday, December 20, 2 Dawn Games’ first substantial content drop will hit Ravaged owners like a virtual Statue of Liberty crashing down on their heads. The busy development team plans to deliver three free DLC additions, the first of which will include a wild assortment of enormous vehicles, new guns, maps, and new tech features.

The developer also will make available a new character skin, exclusive to players who bought their game from EA’s digital platform, Origin. Ravaged is the very first Kickstarter-funded game to be featured on EA’s growing digital distribution site.

Best known for its work on popular first-person shooters Desert Storm, Battlefield 2, and Frontlines: Fuel of War, the New York-based indie developer will hand gamers two additional DLC drops in January and February 2013.

Ravaged is available now and can be purchased at SteamRain2 Dawn GamesGameStopGamers GateOriginGreen Man Gaming, and GameFly. The Clan Pack (four copies of Ravaged) is also on sale at $14.99.

Ravaged is rated M for mature due to the violent subject matter, and is not intended for younger audiences.

For more details on DLC and community events such as “Hunt the Devs,” listen to the development team’s regular podcasts on 2dawn.com. Be sure to follow 2 Dawn Games on Twitter and Facebook.

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