Razer Huntsman V3 Pro Line With Analog Optical Switches Gen-2 Unleashes Precision

When it comes to competitive gaming, latency matters, and it matters a lot. From your internet to your monitor, anywhere you can save time between clicking your mouse and action on the screen can be the difference between walking away with the cheque for first place and walking home empty-handed. Razer knows this well enough and with their latest Huntsman V3 Pro line of eSports keyboards, but most importantly, it comes packed with their revolutionary Razer Analog Optical Switches Gen-2! These new switches feature their Rapid Trigger and Adjustable Actuation technologies.

Zero Debounce Delay: A Leap in Keyboard Technology

Optical Switches have set a new standard in the gaming world, transcending the limitations of traditional Mechanical Switches by eliminating debounce delay. This means the signal is sent instantly when you actuate the key, thanks to the light-based actuation mechanism of Optical Switches, enabling a level of performance that’s unparalleled in the gaming sphere.

Rapid Trigger and Adjustable Actuation: The Next Frontier

“Our journey in switch innovation started in 2018 with the launch of the Razer Huntsman and Huntsman Elite, introducing gamers to Razer Optical Switches. We redefined the boundaries of precision and speed, allowing pros to take their games to the next level.

We continued pushing forward and broke new ground yet again in 2019, with the Razer Tartarus Pro, introducing the world to Razer Analog Optical Switches. This groundbreaking technology combined analog input, adjustable actuation, and dual-step actuation, redefining the gaming landscape.

But we didn’t stop there. The Huntsman V3 Pro line advances this legacy, setting new standards with Razer Analog Optical Switches Gen-2. These switches offer Rapid Trigger with up to 0.1 mm sensitivity and a fully-adjustable actuation throughout the entire key travel of 0.1 mm – 4.0 mm, surpassing traditional Hall-Effect Magnetic Switches in both precision and reliability.”

The Distinction Between Light and Magnetism

As the name suggests, while both offer Rapid Trigger capability, Hall-Effect Magnetic Switches and Analog Optical Switches operate on fundamentally different principles. Hall-Effect Magnetic Switches depend on a magnetic field detected by a sensor on the PCB, which can be influenced by temperature and external magnetic forces.

Analog Optical Switches have none of those drawbacks. By harnessing the properties of light, exceptional precision and accuracy can be achieved and maintained, no matter the condition of the environment. Furthermore, every single switch on every Razer Huntsman V3 Pro is calibrated at the factory-level to ensure gamers get the most precise performance.

Tested by Pros. Endorsed by Pros.

Feedback is paramount when it comes to the designing of the next keyboard for Esports Pro Players. With our latest Huntsman V3 Pro line, we did exactly that. Esports Pro Players demand keyboards that can match their rapid gameplay and provide customizable control with features like faster actuation, higher precision and complete control with their keyboards. As a result, most mechanical gaming keyboards out there simply didn’t cut it any longer.

Hundreds and thousands of hours were poured in the prototyping phase, and it was only through countless feedback and constant improvements, that we were able to achieve the sweet spot with our Analog Optical Switches Gen-2, capable of Rapid Trigger of up to 0.1 mm sensitivity, and Adjustable Actuation through the full travel distance of 0.1 mm – 4.0 mm. In addition, every Huntsman V3 Pro is calibrated at the factory, ensuring top-tier precision and performance out of the box.

Esports Pro Players now have a keyboard that can react instantaneously to every swift movement they make and are able to fully customize a keyboard with varying actuation points for different keys – a feat that wasn’t possible previously with Mechanical Switches featuring fixed actuation points.

The Optical Latency Advantage: Peak Gaming Performance

!Our Optical Switches not only redefine switch technology but also offer significant advantages in latency. Rigorous testing on the Huntsman V3 Pro line armed with our Analog Optical Switches Gen-2 has shown an astounding average of just 1.7 ms ensuring your gameplay remains uninterrupted and responsive, even in the most intense gaming sessions.!

To achieve this number, the following hardware equipment and testing methodology were used.


  • Oscilloscope
  • USB Protocol Analyzer
  • Solenoid
  • Laptop
  • Test Keyboard


  • Set the actuation point to the shallowest setting on the Test Keyboard and enable Rapid Trigger
  • Set Rapid Trigger to the highest sensitivity setting
  • Position Solenoid tip on the surface of the keycap with Test Keyboard on a flat surface
  • Ensure Test Keyboard is connected only to the USB Protocol Analyzer
  • Configure USB Protocol Analyzer to trigger upon actuation
  • Ensure Laptop is connected only to the USB Protocol Analyzer with Channel 1 connected to the Solenoid and Channel 2 to the USB Protocol Analyzer
  • Initiate testing

With the resulting waveform recorded and saved, the difference between the trigger of the Solenoid and the key press report from the USB Protocol Analyzer is the resulting true latency, devoid of any additional latency induced by the OS and/or PC software.

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