Razer now Valued at Over $1 Billion

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Based out of San Diego, the gaming company known as Razer has been venturing into alternative gaming markets. Starting off as a peripheral company in 1998, recent times have seen them dabble in gaming laptops, wearable devices and more – recently closing a round of funding with Intel on a valuation of at least$1 billion.

TechCrunch was able to get its hands on an anonymous leaked memo source, sharing the following note:

“We’re already one of the billion dollar unicorns in the tech start-up world and now, we’ve got more resources than ever to allow us to focus on designing and developing the best experiences for gamers worldwide”

Unfortunately neither Intel nor Razer have been willing to comment on the released information, but according to recent reports, they secured themselves a $50 million investment thanks to IDG and Accell in 2011 and since then they’ve been on the up.

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There have been some mixed reactions in recent times to Razers peripherals being offered on the market, some people claiming of poor build quality compared to their large name competitors. But there’s no denying the fact that Razer has, and seemingly will, continue to be a large driving force in its original market or gaming peripherals.

Razer are gearing up for a release of their Nabu smartband in the coming weeks coming off the back of their Razer Chroma series of peripherals – showing the industry that there is no hope of them slowing down.

Will we see other peripheral companies such as CM Storm, Logitech and Tt eSPORTS follow suit of Razer and start designing their own specialty tech products? Only time will tell, but we’re interested to see where Razers direction takes them in the near future.

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5 Responses to “Razer now Valued at Over $1 Billion”
  1. Wayne says:

    When Razer products work they’re fine, it’s just that I’ve never had any luck with them in the long term so I’d never buy them for myself.

    • Alistair Hardy says:

      I’ve had the opposit experience

      Every Razer product I’ve had, I’ve felt like I’ve got my monies worth out of them.
      My Razer Deathadder is slowly dieing now but I’ve had it for 2 and a bit years now through near daily use with push to talk on TS3. That’s good in my books.
      before that i had a CM storm and that lasted all of 13 months before the middle mouse button utterly failed.

      • Wayne says:

        2 years is not very long but I guess you’ve been fairly lucky, no Razer mouse or keyboard that I’ve used on a permanent basis has lasted longer than 6 months and I’m not heavy on my peripherals. I can’t speak for their headsets because although I’ve tested a couple, I wasn’t keen on them.

        • Alistair Hardy says:

          When you consider that i use my PC every day I’m home for 4 hours + and that i used to have comms push-to-talk tied to mouse button 3, 2 years is good. The shear amount of abuse that mouse has taken over the years.

          As for the headsets, I’ve just moved to Corsair from Razer to be honest but my razer carcharas lasted 4 years. before that I had an anual subscription to new headsets because they all kept breaking on the ear cup. I’m not sure about other headsets but that particular line is very good.
          Maybe I have just been lucky. I’m going to got my next mouse from them.

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