Razer to make a left handed Naga in exchange for your ‘Like’

/ 6 years ago

Announced by Min-Liang Tan over on Facebook, Razer is planning on making left hand gamers happy, all they want is to make sure people want it.

Already providing left handed users with ambidextrous mice as well as the DeathAdder for left handed, Razer is seeking to bring more satisfaction to the gamers by including the Naga on the list.

Announced on Facebook, the CEO wants to make sure that such an investment would be worth it by giving the left handed fans until the 21st of April 2012 to like this post and reach a total of 10,000 likes, after which the gamers will get what they want.

In his post, Min-Liang Tan stated the GamesCom event from last year where a gamer stood up and said:

“You guys suck – you need to make a left handed Naga”.

To which the CEO replied:

“Dude – we’re the ONLY brand in the world that makes a left handed gaming mouse – the Razer DeathAdder.”

Finally, the gamer thought about it and said:

“Thank you and I’m sorry I said you guys sucked.”

Controlling whether making a left handed Naga is good or not is basically down to financial possibility. Razer already loses money for every left-handed DeathAdder being sold, which therefore leaves the company with fewer funds for for the research and development of other products. However Razer keeps on doing so for the gamers, following their “For Gamers. By Gamers” motto.

Already providing left handed gamers in general with a great gaming mouse, it only leaves the left handed MMO gamers who will have to stand up for themselves if they wish to see Razer cater for their gaming needs as well.

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