Razer Unveil Incredible New Speakers at CES 2018

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Razer Unveil Incredible New Speakers at CES 2018

Razer CES 2018

We’re here at the Razer suite at CES 2018, and we’ve just tried out their new desktop speakers! Razer has a good history with desktop audio, with a range of great headsets already on the market, and they’ve had a few popular speaker sets/soundbars in the past too. However, their new models certainly take things to the next level.

Nommo Pro

The flagship model, equipped with a powerful main driver and dedicated tweeter, all housed in an aluminium infinite baffle speaker design. Of course, it has RGB too, which is neat.

The directional driver design is tailored to give the best audio while sitting at your computer. The drivers are THX certified too and deliver a pretty flat and accurate EQ response, but this can be configured via software.

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The subwoofer is huge too, although it does have a bit of a trashcan design. However, with a powerful downward firing speaker and top baffle, it’s great for placing around your desk, while delivering terrifying levels of bass when you crank it.

The in-line controller offers mobile and desktop connectivity, as well as Aux, and microphone connections.

Nommo Chroma

The mid-range model is just a 2.0 set, but still features the RGB lighting, and built-in volume controls.

Finally, we have the base model Nommo, which maintains the same high-end design but uses a plastic construction.


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