RDR2 Stadia Gamer (With 6,000+ Hours) Begs Rockstar For Character Transfer

Earlier this week, Google announced the (mostly unsurprising) news that they were officially shutting down their Stadia game streaming service this January. – Now, at the time, I didn’t honestly think that the announcement would have too major an impact on people since, well… The service had never proven to be overly popular with gaming consumers.

Following a Twitter post by user ‘@ItsColourTV‘. however, it seems that the Stadia is going to cause at least one person pretty big problem. Namely, unless Rockstar Games is willing to give them a character transfer, they’ll lose their Red Dead Redemption 2 save data which, incidentally, has over 6,000 hours pumped into it!

Stadia Shutdown Leaves RDR2 Player Facing the Loss of their 6,000+ Hour Account!

Now, I’ll freely concede that this isn’t an issue I’d personally considered before. Given that most games don’t offer cross-platform progression, however, when the Stadia goes offline this January, people who have been gaming on the platform are set to lose not just their ability to play on it, but also all the save files and character data created.

And, let’s be honest, if you’ve managed to pump over 6,000 into Red Dead Redemption 2 (mostly online for this particular person), you’re clearly more than a little committed to the title. Losing that in one fell swoop is clearly going to be a painful blow that would (for most I suspect) seem like an insurmountable battle to catch up on another platform from scratch.

Rockstar to the Rescue?

At the time of writing Rockstar Games has yet to respond to the Twitter user, and, in fairness, they may never do so all it. I mean, it’s not exactly their fault that Google mismanaged the system so poorly that it’ll be dead within 30 months of its initial release. All going well though, this news will come to their attention, and, hopefully, some kind of resolution can be found.

What do you think though? Do you have any major hours pumped into a title on Stadia? If so, how many and what game? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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