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Recent Russian “Meteor” Shock Waves Circled The World…Twice

The recent Russian meteor that struck back on February 15th earlier this year in Russia’s Chelyabinks region apparently produced a shock wave which was able to circle the entire world two times. These findings published in the recent issue of the Scientific Journal of Geophysical Research Letters, available here, suggest that the shock wave was equivalent to 460 kilotons of TNT exploding in one go.

“For the first time since the establishment of the IMS infrasound network, multiple arrivals involving waves that traveled twice round the globe have been clearly identified…This extraordinary event is, together with the 1908 Tunguska fireball, among the most energetic events ever instrumentally recorded”

The blast which was believed to be caused by a meteor still has no such supporting evidence yet – thought researched Victor Kvasnytsya claimed to have analysed rock fragments left behind by the meteor. Sceptics are already claiming it was the testing of some secret government weapon that went wrong and that government’s are using the “meteor threat” to control the minds of the masses. Either way, whatever the truth behind the matter, the shock waves it created are among some of the biggest on record and the blast packed the energy 3-5 megatons of TNT – impressive stuff.

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Ryan Martin

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