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Red Dead Online Sees ‘Clowns’ Protesting No Recent Updates

While Red Dead Redemption 2 was widely praised on its launch (except for the PC release which I couldn’t get to work for over 2-weeks after it came out) the online version of the game has, so far, proven to be a (generally) rather bland and boring affair. A factor that certainly hasn’t helped matters is that while GTA Online continues to receive fresh and new content, Red Dead Online has seen nothing (of any note) for over seven months now!

Well, in an apparent new trend, in looking to bring some attention to this fact, many players have chosen to start playing the online version of the game dressed up as clowns!

Red Dead Online – Clown Invasion

Acting as something of a (mostly) benign protest, masses of users have started deliberately looking to dress up their characters in ‘clown’ costumes in order to bring attention to the fact that it has (at least in their view) been absolutely ages since any new content was brought to the online version of Red Dead Redemption 2.

These groups have apparently been organizing meetings (to boost the numbers) and have even gotten involved in the occasional server bombing (likely bringing a lot of confusion to other users who encounter them). There are certainly more than a few YouTube videos around showing that this isn’t an isolated incident either!

What Do We Think?

I would freely admit that Red Dead Online can be rather boring. In addition, with no update (of any note) seen to it for 7 months, it is long overdue for something new and interesting to be added. Will it happen though? Well, we daresay that Rockstar is probably aware that this is happening and, as such, it might just be the kick in the pants they needed to get something done if the ‘clown’ movement continues to gain traction!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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