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Reddit Is Probably Dead, Here are Some Alternative Activities

With the current Reddit blackout protest surrounding the new third-party app pricing involving many of the most popular subreddits going private. This event has caused Reddit’s servers to crash and unless Reddit changes its mind it is probably going to go the way of Tumblr. If you are one of those who use Reddit frequently then you’re probably going to have to find something else to occupy your time so I’ve got a few suggestions that might help you decide.

1. Go to Another Social Media

Now this option is the most obvious substitute but all the other major social media options are fairly poor. Twitter is a cesspit of arguing and drama, Instagram is for influencers to act like they’re important for society and Facebook is just Twitter with a bunch of old farts arguing about the paint on a WW1 statue. TikTok is just brain-numbing short-form content, Tumblr is probably still dead, Snapchat was made for one thing and one thing only, and LinkedIn is for CEOs to toot their own horn and throw some work-hard inspirational rubbish around as if they didn’t just lay off half their staff 20 minutes ago. Looks like the options aren’t so great but you’ve gotta choose one if Reddit does kick the bucket maybe someone will make an entirely new social media to replace it.

2. YouTube or Streaming Services

Something that will kill time whilst Reddit is dark is just to watch some videos, movies or TV. Catch up on a new series or watch an old favourite for the 34th time, looking at you The Office fans who need to hurry up and find a new show to base their personality on. There are plenty of great things to watch but I’d advise against TikTok or YouTube shorts because I’ve fallen into that trap too many times. Even better yet, you can even go watch one of our latest videos because SilverStones new AIO VRM cooling solutions are crazy.

3. Play Some Games

Gaming is a solid option to kill your time, hop into a game of COD, build a giant cockerel in Minecraft or replay Sleeping Dogs for the umpteenth time. There are loads of games to occupy your Reddit time that doesn’t involve some of the awful recent releases. The only downside to this is that if you are in the UK with no Aircon then gaming is probably the last thing you want to do, especially if like me you own a GPU drawing 400W turning your room into a sauna which is great during winter, but right now I feel like I am covered in wax.


Bonus: Go Outside

Now this last option is a bit on the extreme side and I don’t expect many Redditors will be too fond of it. Go outside, touch grass, go for a walk, go for a drive, bring the dog, visit family. There are plenty of things you can do that don’t involve wholesome Keanu big chungus Reddit moments.

Final Thoughts

I hope you’ve found something to occupy your time and I also hope that Reddit listens to the community and reverses its decision because it is a damn good source for finding news and I’d rather not have to turn to the hell pit that is Twitter. This was just a bit of fun and I have nothing personal against Redditors, The Office fans on the other hand.

Jakob Aylesbury

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