Reddit Launches Their Own CrowdFunding Service

/ 3 years ago


Redditmade, a new crowd funding website from Reddit is finally here! Taking inspiration from sites like Kickstarter, the new service was designed primarily to give support to Subreddits, giving them an easy way to offer official merchandise for their respective communities.

In a similar fashion to Kickstarter, each campaign has a limit of 30 days. If the funding goal isn’t met, then no money is exchanged and the campaign ends.

If the campaign is successful, then Reddit will help project creators almost every step of the way. They’ll help with finding quality manufacturing partners, campaign promotion and those that do particularly well will even get free ads on Reddit. Campaign creators can also donate profits from their project to a charity of their choice.

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Campaigns are already sparking into life, with T-shirts, headphones, stickers and more filling up the ranks. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to find some /r/PCMasterRace attire.

Thank you TechSpot for providing us with this information.

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