REDkit Mod Tool For Witcher 2 Officially Leaked!?

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I’ve been replaying The Witcher 2 this last few weeks, given the game has 16 potential endings and a number of routes through its main quest I couldn’t resist taking a break between my regular game reviews. Yet the other day, I noticed something a little strange.

A title update was downloaded from the game launcher (PC) and this brought up the option for mods on the game launcher, cool I though, I’ve been using Nexus for my mods for ages, but nothing integrated like this.

Yet it seems that was all in haste, the developers at CD Projekt RED were tinkering with their servers and enabled something they shouldn’t have, allowing for not only the download of the title update, but also their REDkit mod tools.

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Unfortunately the files have been blocked from the main site, but CD have released an official statement on the matter.

“Those of you who have downloaded the REDkit files – have fun – they are official so don’t worry! Please give us just a little bit more time (it’s almost here!). We apologize for the confusion,”.

The software is set to be launched at Gamescomm later this year, but if you nabbed a copy early, congratulations! It’s all good to rock and roll and I bet the eager modders out there will no doubt source this for their selves and get making greater mods even sooner.

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One Response to “REDkit Mod Tool For Witcher 2 Officially Leaked!?”
  1. Josh Smyth says:

    Was hoping to start these games soon, never got around to them before , they look pretty sweet

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