Rejoice! Keyboard and Mouse Support is Coming to Xbox One

/ 2 years ago

Xbox One Preview

Microsoft’s previous management was strongly against implementing keyboard and mouse functionality amid piracy concerns. The company believed enabling keyboard controls would grant easy access to software modifications and console commands. This was a fairly ludicrous strategy as the Xbox 360 could be flashed, or play copyrighted content through hardware changes. Thankfully, Microsoft under the direction of Phil Spencer, are taking a more sensible approach. The head of Xbox confirmed on Twitter that official keyboard and mouse controls should be coming very soon.

Xbox One Mice

This is fantastic news if you want to play exclusive first-person-shooters like Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Many PC gamers struggle to cope with the sluggish, imprecise aiming from a controller which heavily relies on autoaim. Microsoft have reassured the PC audience that it has a “renewed focus” through DirectX 12, and future ports. The Xbox 360 was an extraordinary success but Microsoft is playing catch-up with the Xbox One. This could be due to the weaker specifications, initial DRM plans or lack of direction. Personally, I feel Microsoft have the stronger line-up but this may change next year as Sony readies a number of major releases.

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I must commend Phil Spencer for dramatically changing Microsoft’s approach and releasing news in a transparent manner. It’s refreshing to see and I’m sure many customers will welcome the news. However, the Xbox One is a system that doesn’t interest me whatsoever and I would prefer PC ports of mainstream Microsoft games such as Forza and Halo, instead of free-to-play spinoffs.

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