Renault Concept Car Comes Equipped With Quadcopter Drone

/ 4 years ago


We love crazy ideas and unique ways of using gadgets and tech, this latest idea from Renault thicks those boxes and their new Concept car not only looks cool, but comes equipped with its own quadcopter than can be deployed from the roof to go seek out the end of traffic jams.

Of course the possibilities are endless, you can use it to take a cool selfie of yourself while driving, or use your cars headsets up display to drive your car from a 3rd person perspective, just like you can in racing games. Of course this isn’t what Renault discuses in their video, but they’re just not seeing the full potential of their ideas like I am.

“The vehicle’s robust, yet fun design, along with its technology-driven features, is targeted at meeting the needs of young customers in these markets,” Renault said. “This concept car offers a fun, yet robust design combined with hyper connectivity.”

I’m not entirely sure what hyper connectivity is, but it’s likely just slang for a pair of USB ports and Bluetooth. Having a car with its own personal drone to scope out traffic and do other cool things sounds like a fun idea, of course I highly doubt it would ever go into production like this, just too many safety concerns about people being able to deploy drones on the highway.

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Thank you Pocket Lint for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Pocket Lint.

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One Response to “Renault Concept Car Comes Equipped With Quadcopter Drone”
  1. Skidmarks says:

    Fit my drone with 50 cal machine guns and a rocket launcher for ill mannered road hogs.

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