Renice Technology announces 240GB mSATA SSD

/ 6 years ago

Renice Technology has just released a large capacity 240 GB mSATA solid state hard drive (SSD). Now Renice is one of only a handful of manufacturers able to make such large capacity thin, fast storage devices.The brand new series is named Renice X3 50 mm mSATA (MO-300B) SSD, and it can be used in tablet PCs, mobile computers, road surveillance systems and other embedded storage applications. Renice X3 50 mm mSATA (MO-300B) SSD has been well-received since its release in America and Europe.

The brand new mSATA SSD uses a Sandforce controller. This gives Renice X3 50 mm mSATA (MO-300B) SSD very superior performance. Before OEM-only drives could only be supplied in densities of 25G, 60G, 120G, but now Renice makes higher density drives a reality. The industrial temperature of their mSATA SSD is -40 to 85°C, meaning the drive can be used in a wider range of operating environments.

Renice X3 50 mm mSATA (MO-300B) SSD is based on MLC NAND Flash, with industrial standard JEDEC MO-300B form factor, fast sequential read/write speed, it measures 50.35 x 30x 3.46 mm and weighs a mere six grams. Some clients using Renice X3 50 mm mSATA (MO-300B) SSD, report a max read rate up to 285 MB/Sec and max write rate up to 275 MB/Sec.

Source: PR

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