Report Shows That Apple Is Ready To Launch “iRadio”

/ 5 years ago

It is reported that Apple will be launching their own web streaming radio service called as “iRadio” this year, most likely to be rolled out during the summer.

This report which originated from The Verge has said that this has been confirmed through multiple sources within the music industry. It has been said that Apple has made significant progress in its plans by securing streaming rights with 2 of the largest labels with numerous popular artists: Universal Studios and Warner Bros.

Earlier in March it was said that Apple’s un-announced service was delayed due to royalty rate negotiations. It has also been said that Apple, Inc. has made an offer to pay 21 cents per 100 song download, which is lower than what Spotify pays (36 cent per 100 tracks) and Terrestrial radio’s “iHeart” which pays 22 cents per 100 tracks.

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Apple, Inc. however, is being silent over their “iRadio”. It was last year during September where the Wall Street Journal said that Apple has been working on their custom music streaming services similar to Pandora.

One of the unnamed sources in the music industry said,”iRadio is coming. There’s no doubt about it anymore.’ Apple is pushing hard for a summertime launch.”

If the report about Apple starting a web streaming service for music is true and if the royalty negotiations point out of a lesser cost per 100 music compared to established players, Apple, Inc. would not have any trouble in having a large number of people shifting to its in-house music streaming service, considering the large amount of consumers using Apple products on a regular basis.

Via: Apple Insider

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