Reports Suggest NVIDIA Just Ordered New 12nm Chips from TSMC

/ 6 months ago

Reports have been coming in today that Nvidia and Qualcomm have placed an order for new high-performance-computing (HPC) chips from TSMC. With both Nvidia and Qualcomm already working together on a few AI projects and deep-learning applications, it’s not surprising that they would want hardware, but we’re more excited that they’ve obviously got some new hardware ready for production and that they’re moving down to 12nm.

The new chips are no doubt for their upcoming Volta GV100 graphics processors, or their Xavier SoC supercomputer on a chip hardware, although the chances of the new order for being both is the most likely scenario.

Xavier is very exciting, offering an eight-core custom ARM64 processor with a 512-core Volta graphics processor on board too. What’s interesting is that they said it would be 16nm, but with the new orders being reported as 12nm, it looks like Nvidia are stepping up their game for the new hardware.

Either way, it looks like we can expect some pretty exciting hardware from Nvidia later this year, and we’re eager to see what other information starts slipping through the net as they ramp up production.

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