Republic Of Gamers MARS II with dual GTX 580 revealed

/ 7 years ago

Asus have finally “officially” revealed the latest addition to their Republic Of Gamers line-up, this monster is built of a dual GTX 580 set-up but before you get to excited it has been produced in strictly limited numbers with only 999 units and a price tag of around £1200 here in the UK.

The card boasts a whole host of features and claims to be the world’s fastest, most powerful graphics card, with a 22% increase on speed of a reference GeForce GTX 590, 600% greater airflow meaning 20% drop in temps over reference cards, ASUS DirectCU II technology means the GPU is cooled directly with all-copper pipes and a heatsink base, also bundled is an exclusive ASUS GPU Tweak utility allowing users control over clock speeds, voltages and fan speeds, ASUS has also incorporated a Turbo Fan button on the card itself, allowing users to instantly switch the fans to 100% speed, oh and not forgetting the aluminium etched collectors edition card stating your unique card edition number.

Asus have also brought in their 21 phase super alloy power technology providing a 15% boost in performance, ensuring stable wattage and prevention of power loss, also resisting heat and material fatigue.

Product overview:

  • Dual NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 580 GPUs with 512 CUDA cores each and 3GB GDDR5 video memory for 22% faster than reference performance
  • Laser-carved aluminium plate identifies each card individually as a limited-edition item
  • Twin 120mm fans for up to 600% greater air flow
  • DirectCU II all-copper thermal design — 20% cooler than reference
  • GPU Tweak interface opens up extensive overclocking and tuning possibilities
  • Turbo Fan button instantly activates 100% fan speed
  • Solid aluminium shroud improves heat dissipation
  • Extra stable 21-phase Super Alloy Power architecture for incredible overclocking headroom — 15% performance boost, 2.5 times longer lifespan and 35°C cooler operation
  • Custom PCI-E anti-shock sustainer keeps the card securely in place at all times
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4 Responses to “Republic Of Gamers MARS II with dual GTX 580 revealed”
  1. Eternalchaos says:

    The UK is only getting 10 cards from what I have heard from the guys over at

  2. gaetan says:

    shame there’s only 1k… :p

  3. lucas4 says:

    is e-peen really worth a 100% price increase compared to 2x 580 ?

  4. gaetan says:

    lucas4;24195 wrote: is e-peen really worth a 100% price increase compared to 2x 580 ?

    Performance wise, nah, I don't think so… but style wise, well sir, we have a winner :p

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