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Researcher Trains GPT-4 To Play Minecraft

AI can do lot of things and unfortunately, instead of just taking our jobs, they’re going to be taking our entertainment too as GPT-4 is being trained to play Minecraft.

GPT 4 Plays Minecraft

AI researcher Linxi “Jim” Fan alongside other researchers at NVIDIA has been working on using the GPT-4 AI model to play Minecraft . As shared by the AI model is named “voyager” and plays Minecraft by generating objectives to help the “agent” explore the game and improve it’s skill over time. The bot achieves this by reading the state of the game and the example shared was of seeing a fishing rod in its inventory and knowing that there is a river nearby leading to the objective of fishing. After it figures out the objective GPT-4 generates to code to complete the objective. Over time the bot builds up a list of complex objectives and could eventually lead to it beating the game which would be very interesting to see it take on the Ender Dragon.

Other Uses

So this is just a demonstration of what GPT-4 is capable of and it does open the door for the automation of other tasks including taking our jobs. GPT-4 does need more work before that becomes the case and Minecraft is a great area to test it as it has zero repurcussions, for now.

Jakob Aylesbury

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