Researchers Warn of Scam ‘Squid Game’ Emails

Given the huge popularity seen with the ‘Squid Game‘ TV series on Netflix, it’s hardly surprising that many individuals and organisations (completely unaffiliated with the show I might add) have looked, or at least attempted, to cash in on its success. For example, there are already more than a few *cough* unlicensed *cough* mobile games available to download (which you clearly do entirely at your own risk!).

Speaking of risks though, following a report via CNET, security researchers at Kaspersky have issued a formal warning to consumers that they have noted a significant rise in scam emails looking to get people into making unwise clicks. What are they using for bait? – Squid Game!

Beware of ‘Squid Game’ Emails

Now, just to answer one of the most obvious questions, no, the emails are not offering people the opportunity to participate in the next ‘event’. However, what they are doing instead is purporting to offer merchandise and/or exclusive access/information appertaining to the TV series. – It has been confirmed that the emails do appear to vary on the subject, but some of the confirmed cases so far include the offer off:

  • Exclusive Squid Game halloween costumes
  • Game/mobile game download links
  • A ‘sneak preview’ of the Season 2 trailer

What happens should you unwisely choose to engage in these emails varies. However, the bottom line is that the ones offering products are, pretty much, looking to get you to freely volunteer your personal details and/or card information, while any offering downloads almost certainly contain malware.

Do Not Click – Hit Delete!

The advice here is very simple. Do not engage with these emails whatsoever. Delete them, mark them as spam, just do not click on anything within them. In fact, don’t even open them, just remove them directly from your inbox. – No matter how tempting the bait is, the chances are 99.99% likely that any email you receive regarding ‘Squid Game’ that hasn’t come from Netflix is probably a scam. – And you might also want to treat the ones that do seemingly come from Netflix with a healthy dose of skepticism. Scammers are, after all, pretty crafty sometimes!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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