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Retailer Starts Accepting Intel i9-10900K Pre-Orders

With Intel’s new Comet Lake-S platform expected to hit general release at the end of this month, there’s clearly a lot of anticipation surrounding just how good (or bad) these new CPUs will be. In a report via TechSpot, however, it seems that a US retailer might have jumped the gun a little as they are currently accepting pre-orders for the new Intel i9-10900K processor.

Intel i9-10900K Hits Pre-Order

We should note that the Intel i9-10900K is still under something of a firm embargo in terms of both reviews and retail. Despite this, however, it seems that someone at BG Photo Video didn’t get the memo. A quick check of their website (which you can visit via the link here (the link is still live)) shows the Intel flagship i9-10900K processor available to pre-order and, more so, confirms a solid example of what the end retail price will be!

What Do We Think?

One of the most critical points with this price is how this will stand up compared to AMD Ryzen processors such as the 3900X. A processor which, incidentally, may be at least $100 comparatively less expensive if this i9-10900K costing is indeed correct. For a comparison, you can check the Ryzen 3900X out on Amazon here.

Of course, performance will be a factor and if Intel has the edge, then it may well be worth spending the extra money. In this writers opinion, however, I suspect that if this is on par, it’s going to offer very little to tempt consumers looking at these two options.

So, it does beg the question, just how good is the Intel i9-10900K? Well, be sure to keep checking our website and social media to find out in the very near future!

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Mike Sanders

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