Retro Freak Console Plays All Your Vintage Games

/ 2 years ago

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Japanese tech company Cyber Gadget has developed a multi-platform games console that can play all your vintage games including, surprisingly, PC Engine titles. The Retro Freak is an all-in-one clone of every old gaming console you can imagine, boasting support for Famicom, Super Famicom, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Mega Drive/Genesis, TurboGrafx-16, PC Engine, and PC Engine SuperGrafx games, all upscaled to HD.

The heart of the console itself is tiny – about the size of the average game cartridge, in fact – but it slots into the beastly cartridge adapter in order to run games.

retro freak 2

retro freak 3

The Retro Freak is compatible with original controllers – some with the help of an additional adapter – and save states, so your old Super Mario All-Stars progress will be accessible (so long as the cartridge’s battery is still running), but the console can save new games if your cartridge batteries have died, so no need to invest in a 3.8mm security bit screwdriver and fresh batteries (yes, I speak from experience). The games are output at 720p, and various audio/visual filters can be applied.

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Games can also be installed on to the system, so the effort of getting up to switch cartridges will be a thing of the past. Hooray for laziness!

The Retro Freak launches in Japan later this year. No news as of yet regarding an international release.

Thank you Nintendo Life for providing us with this information.

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  1. davidyell says:

    The fact that image has what I’d call a NES cartridge marked with SNES is tickling my OCD

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