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/ 7 years ago

Whether you’re a new member or a frequent one of eTeknix, you will find that our site is fairly simple and easy to navigate through and upon your travels you may find the community based forums. This isn’t exactly hard to find as it’s listed at the top of every page.

In here is where you will find a wealth of information from users all around the world and without the users, sites like ours wouldn’t exist as I’m not overly keen on writing content that no one will ever read, what’s the point?

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve made a lot of changes to eTeknix including taking on extra staff members to write news and reviews, to get the latest content from around the world to your computer screens.

We’ve also found that a lot of people want to help eTeknix in any way they can including writing their own content and this leads us on to creating a very special part of the forums; the “User Reviews” section.

The User Reviews section allows you (the user) to publish your own reviews on products that you may have bought recently and want to express your views on the quality, features and performance.

You can check out the user reviews section of the forum here –

By creating user reviews of your latest purchases, you will automatically have the chance to win a mystery prize. If your reviews get good feedback from the community and people like it, we want to reward you and will team up with our sponsors to offer you a free gift for your effort and if you then review your free gift, you may win another one. It’s really that simple, and who knows, maybe you will end up writing reviews for the main eTeknix site.

If you haven’t already joined up to eTeknix, now is the time to do it and get posting.

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