Graphics Cards

Gigabyte GTX 680 Super Over Clock 2GB Graphics Card Review

When we take a look at the vast majority of new cards, the hype has always been based around the GPU core and because of this no particular retail card has had any more ...

August 2, 2012 at 11:38 pm by

Gigabyte GTX 670 Windforce 3X OC 2GB Graphics Card Review

Whether you are an AMD or Nvidia partner, your aim is to make a unique card that can harness the chips power and performance, while adding a unique spin onto things, whether ...

July 13, 2012 at 12:56 am by

Sapphire Radeon HD 7770 OC Vapor-X 1GB Graphics Card Review

The 7700 series sadly isn’t something that has got our blood pumping when it launched, purely because of the market it was aimed at, and the price point that it can in ...

July 9, 2012 at 2:06 am by

MSI GTX 680 Lightning 2GB Graphics Card Review

Recently we’ve seen more and more GeForce GTX 680’s cropping up on the market, especially in a custom way, in terms of factory overclocks and unique cooling ...

July 3, 2012 at 2:41 pm by

Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 OC Dual-X fleX 3GB Graphics Card Review

Sapphire have taken the popular Radeon 7950 and given it an overclock, Dual-X cooler and fleX treatment all in one. Crazy huh?

July 2, 2012 at 10:28 am by

KFA2 GTX 680 EX OC 2GB Graphics Card Review

We take the new KFA2 GTX 680 EX OC for a spin, but can it offer much more performance than a reference card?

June 29, 2012 at 12:08 pm by

Inno3D iChiLL GTX 670 HerculeZ 3000 Edition 2GB Graphics Card Review

Inno3D give a unique spin on the GeForce GTX 670 with their HerculeZ 3000 Edition.

June 28, 2012 at 10:25 am by

Club3D Radeon HD 7850 royalKing 2GB Graphics Card Review

With a new line of graphics cards from Club3D, we put the 7850 royalKing through its paces.

June 25, 2012 at 12:23 am by

MSI Radeon HD 7950 Twin Frozr III 3GB Graphics Card Review

With the success of the 7950 from AMD, MSI have bolted their patented Twin Frozr III cooler on it and ramped up the performance.

June 19, 2012 at 10:11 am by

Hauppauge HD PVR Gaming Edition Review

Looking to capture your finest gaming moments? Then you're going to want to read this review.

June 13, 2012 at 6:03 pm by

HIS Radeon HD 7870 IceQ 2GB Graphics Card Review

We take a look at the HIS Radeon HD 7870 IceQ to see how it performs across our benchmark suite.

May 29, 2012 at 11:37 am by

HIS Radeon HD 7870 IceQ X Turbo X 2GB Graphics Card

We take a look at the IceQ X Turbo X version of the Radeon HD 7870 from HIS, but is it just a gimmick?

May 10, 2012 at 11:52 am by

Gigabyte Radeon HD 7770 OC 1GB Graphics Card Review

Gigabyte release their Overclocked edition Radeon 7770, but how much better is it over a reference card?

April 30, 2012 at 7:21 am by

Sapphire Radeon HD 7750 Ultimate 1GB Graphics Card

We take a look at the latest Radeon HD 7750 from Sapphire which has been adopted under their famous "Ultimate" silent branding.

April 4, 2012 at 4:07 pm by

Gigabyte Radeon HD 7970 OC 3GB Graphics Card Review

With the 7970 reigning as AMD's fastest single core card on the market, Gigabyte push it even faster and hope to take the crown as GPU king.

March 30, 2012 at 2:58 am by

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