RGB Gaming Chairs With CAM Support from NZXT at CES 2018

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RGB Gaming Chairs With CAM Support from NZXT at CES 2018

RGB Gaming Chairs

We’ve seen all kinds of crazy tech this year at CES 2018, and the new gaming chairs from NZXT certainly keep that ball rolling. They’ve teamed up with Vertagear on these new prototypes, but they’re shaping up pretty well. Why bother with RGB gaming chairs you may ask? Why the heck not, they’re just a bit of fun. That being said, gaming teams who can colour match the lighting on their chairs are going to love this. However, it’s the CAM software integration that’s going to really set them apart. Right now they’re wired, but the system will be wireless and rechargable when it comes to market.

There’s RGB lighting on the front and rear sections, with a plastic insert in the middle with a laser etched logo; I suspect this could be customised quite easily too.

There’s even subtle under lighting, as well as a small logo projector in the middle, which is pretty neat.

The gaming integration is awesome too. You can set all your usual RGB lighting effects, and even sync with your PC. However, say your playing CS:GO, you can have the chair flash red when the bomb is set, green when disarmed, show health, that kind of thing. Useless to the gamer, but a nice visual tool for gaming spectators.

What do you think, is this something you would like to see in your gaming room, or even something to be used in eSports? Let us know in the comments.


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