Ricoh Theta Records 360-Degree Video

/ 3 years ago

ricoh theta

Ricoh’s Theta camera has been given a significant upgrade. Previously, the $399 unit was only capable of snapping 360-degree photos, thanks to the two hemispherical lenses placed either side of the device. The new, updated model gives users the ability to transfer data twice as fast via WiFi, operate the camera using the new Android app, and, most significantly, 360-degree video clips of up to three minutes.

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The Theta has 4GB internal storage, adjustable ISO (or sensitivity to light, for photography novices) settings, from 100 to 1600, and up to 1/8000 of-a-second shutter speed. The Theta is not quite DLSR standard, but it an improvement on integrated smartphone cameras, and its dual hemisphere lens alignment offers something most retail cameras can’t compete with.

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