RIM made to pay $147 million in patent case

/ 5 years ago

Blackberry makers RIM (Research in Motion) have received yet another set back that has quickly seen the company’s prospects rapidly diminish as it is squeezed out the mobile market by strong competition from Samsung and Apple. The latest incident relates to a patent dispute between RIM and Mformation.

The case, brought against RIM by Mformation in 2008, was over two disputed patents believed to be used unjustly by RIM in over 18.4 million Blackberry phones. The judge ruled in favour of Mformation, meaning RIM would have to pay an $8 fine per device coming to $147.2 million in total.

RIM are planning to take legal proceedings against the verdict, as handing over $147.2 million would be a staggering blow for the company. This verdict by the Judge comes just a few days after Nokia filed more patent infringement claims against RIM in Germany, and just weeks after RIM posted its first operating loss in 8 years. As a result of that loss RIM has announced it will need to cut around 5000 jobs in the coming months – further proof that this once leading smartphone innovator is moving closer to a painful downfall.



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