Rinser: The Water Fountain Toothbrush

/ 3 years ago

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Meet Rinser, the toothbrush that includes its own little water fountain for washing your mouth out.

The brush includes a small electric motor that fires water into your mouth with “beautifully slow laminar flow”. You simply place the brush’s water inlet under the tap, push the button, and aim at your mouth. The water jet is designed to be an alternative to using a cup or wrapping your mouth around the tap – useful for both hygiene reasons and for convenience, especially when travelling.

So what do you do when you need a new toothbrush? You don’t really want to be buying a $35 brush every couple of months, so the designers have made the Rinser compatible with the GreenerStep Snap Replacement Heads – small bristle heads that snap right onto your brush, so you don’t have to waste the rest of it.

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The Rinser is now finally available for pre-order, after being in development for a number of years. It’s a simple concept, but a really intriguing one too.

Source: Wired

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One Response to “Rinser: The Water Fountain Toothbrush”
  1. Wayne says:

    Cool but at $35 I think I’ll stick with the the old fashioned Oral-B or Colgate toothbrush.

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