Robo Recall Now Available on the Oculus Rift

/ 8 months ago

Robo Recall

Some would say that VR games still have a long way to go before they become popular, and even though this may be true for the most part, if you’re just looking to shoot some stuff up or bash some heads together, there’s already an awesome new game available called Robo Recall. Developed by Epic Games, this arcade title was designed for the Oculus Touch, and it allows the player to fight off waves after waves of malfunctioning robots while performing some pretty impressive tricks, much like in Bulletstorm. Players will be able to perform flashy kills by throwing robots into the air before riddling them with bullets, or they could throw bullets back at opponents after catching them mid-air.

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It looks like getting high scores will yield upgrade stars, which can be used to install larger magazines, laser sights and other goodies from the upgrade menu. There’s also a VR shooting range available where these upgrades can be tested. Current owners of the Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch can download the game right now free of charge, but it’s worth noting that Robo Recall only includes nine missions in total. They’re pretty thrilling, though, and constantly trying to beat your own scores will definitely take some time.

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