This Robot Feeds You Tomatoes While You Run

/ 2 years ago

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You know when you’re on a run and you just fancy a nice tomato, but struggle to pick one up while you’re moving? No, me neither. But Japanese company, Kagome, thinks that this is a problem that needs to be resolved. That’s why they have built the world’s first robotic tomato dispenser.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy one. It’s all a big publicity stunt for Kagame, a juice and ketchup company that clearly specialises in tomatoes. It’s seen as a response to Dole, a fruit company that specialises in bananas and is sponsoring this weekend’s Japan Marathon. As part of its sponsorship, Dole distributes thousands of bananas to the runners, and has even created a wearable banana especially for the marathon.

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Obviously Kagome thinks tomatoes are better and somehow that this video will prove that point.

Source: Gizmodo

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