Could Robot Fish That Eat the Dirt of Your Clothes Be Our Future?

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A new concept originating from Korea show what very well could be the future of doing our laundry. Small robot fish that swim around and “eat” the dirt of our clothes. This is pretty cool in itself and the whole thing is presented to us now on the electrolux design lab.

The Pecera, as it is called, is inspired by the Doctor fish that swim around and eat dead skin cells and similar of your feet. The Pecera works in much the same way, except the small fish are robots. The fish’s mouth is shaped like a sucker and that’s what it does, it sucks the dirt away.

Pecera is a collection of robot fish called Dofi, cleaning your clothes in a water tank without detergent. This sustainable way of washing clothes is inspired by doctor fish who nurture human skin, except these busy fishes run on hydroelectric power and clean garments. The robotic fish detects the dirt in the clothes by using the tiny camera in each fish. The cleaning is made by a suction motion by the robot fish against the dirt particles. Washing without detergent makes this washing method suitable for the most sensitive and creates no need for multiple washing circles using water. The first layer spin-dries and drains off the water from clothes.


The best thing about this new concept is that it doesn’t need any detergent or washing liquids that makes it a lot more environmental friendly. It’s also so stylish and silent that it could be placed in the living room, though I doubt that’s where people will have it. It also removes the fear of oxidation and discolouration of fibres from those detergents. As combination with the robot fish, it uses a alkaline liquid jelly that automatic separates any unnatural elements from the fibres of your clothes.

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Thank you electrolux for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of electrolux.

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