Roccat ELO 7.1 AIR Headset Review

A Closer Look

The headset looks pretty cool, with a big Roccat logo on the side of the ear cups. As you might expect, this is RGB too, but we’ll see that in action shortly. The ear cups are quite large, allowing for bigger drivers, but they’re also closed-back to help lock in the sound.

As you can see, the driver mounts allow the drivers to pivot, ensuring you get a clean fit around your ears.

Furthermore, they can be rotated outwards a few degrees.

But also fold inwards, and can even be folded completely inwards to make them comfortable to wear around your neck between uses. However, it all just ensures the drivers sit flat and flush and around ears, which also helps evenly distribute the any pressure from the ear cups.

There’s a small rubber stopper in the back here, so the headset doesn’t clunk against its own headband.

The headband uses an auto-adjustment design, so there’s a little extra slack in the cable here. It’s a lovely braided cable too, and I love the attention to detail.

The headband looks fantastic too, with a nice wide inner section that will does a great job of distributing the weight of the headset. They’ve stamped the Roccat logo into it too, which looks pretty cool. Of course, the outer headband is two steel bands, which ensures the headset has a good clamping force and strength, but it also allows you to flex and bend it a lot.

The actual extension system is a strong rubber band, which feels nice and durable. It means you never have to tinker with sliders, just put it on and it should fit every time.

Down the side of the ear cup, you’ll find all of the built-in controls. There’s a separate volume wheel for both the chat and game audio. This is also used for sidetone monitoring, should you want to hear your own voice via the microphone; handy if the game is drowning your own voice out.

Beyond that, you’ll find an EQ button, power button and the USB-C charging port.

The ear cups are nice and large and feature soft PU leather, which will help further lock the sound in and block out ambient noise. There’s a nice recess on the interior too, as well as some space just behind the padding, so those with larger ears shouldn’t have much to worry about.

Much to my own amusement too, it was only while writing this review I noticed the logo is different on each side of the headset. This size says Roccat and the other has the cat logo; neat!

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