Roccat Khan AIMO Gaming Headset Review

/ 2 weeks ago

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Roccat Khan AIMO Gaming Headset Review

Khan Aimo

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of playing with many Roccat headsets. Time and time again, they’ve impressed with their exceptional audio quality for both the gaming market and for music lovers. Now they’re back again, as the Khan Aimo aims to take things to the next level.

Equipped with USB connectivity, the Khan Aimo features a built-in DAC/AMP combo. With power sound processing, the headset is able to deliver 24-bit Hi-Res audio @ 96kHz. That’s awesome for those of us who love lossless audio formats such as FLAC, as well as the higher quality audio that is now creeping more into movies and games. Driving that audio through their 50mm 32 Ohm drivers, it certainly sounds good on paper, but let’s dive in and see what else it has to offer!


Not only does it promise high-res audio, but it’ll also support virtual 7.1 processing, a high-end microphone, built-in controls, and Aimo RGB lighting, to name but a few features.

The headset comes with support for the all-in-one Roccat software. No longer do you need multiple bits of software for all your Roccat peripherals. Here you’ll be able to play with EQ profiles, RGB lighting, and much more.


For in-depth specifications, please visit the official Roccat product page.

What Roccat Had to Say

“The Khan AIMO represents a gaming first with its exclusive Hi-Res audio compatible surround sound. Adding a top-end virtual 7.1 headset to the AIMO series, it boasts a premium hardware spec with its powerful driver units and built-in high fidelity sound card. As impressive structurally as it is in terms of performance, the Khan AIMO’s stainless steel sliders provide incredible robustness yet with remarkably low weight at only 275 grams. Together with its memory foam earpads, this makes it a headset suitable for use over extended periods of time. The Khan AIMO is comfort. Surrounded.” – Roccat

Product Trailer

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