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The company Roccat, have been producing some impressive products recently, although this is not one of their latest products we still expect it to be outstanding. Although there is now a successor to this mouse it was based entirely on this device and could quite possibly be just an expensive upgrads which tend to be a fairly typical ploy by many companies to get you to spend more money, as they entice you in with the entry model and then hope you like it enough to buy the more expensive model so they get you to buy 2 of their products. For this reason and others, we are taking a look at the original Roccat Kone – not the Roccat Kone +.

Roccat produce a variety of devices and are especially well known for their headset the Roccat Kave but they do produce a good 20 different products encompassing keyboards, mouse pads, mice headsets accessories and even a notebook to boot. Their products can now also be found in a long list of retailers in this country including high-street shops such as: PC World, WHSmith’s and Curry’s. This in itself does not constitute a successful brand but does show that they are becoming readily available and aren’t just limited to the internet.

The Roccat Kone is one of those futuristic mice that still look as if it ought to be classed as a prototype. The list of technologies incorporated is quite impressive and in fact it has its own CPU that runs at a surprising 72 MHz which up till a year or two ago was more power than in most mobile phones. To show you the real power of this mouse take a look at the features and specifications below:

Technical Specification

  • True 3200dpi laser sensor
  • TCU – Tracking Control Unit
  • 1ms response time; 1000Hz polling rate
  • 16-bit data channel; 7080fps; 6.4 megapixel, 20g acceleration
  • 72MHz TurboCore processor unit
  • 128kB memory, update-/flashable
  • 1.65m/s(65 inch per second)
  • Extended USB cable, cable diameter: 3mm


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3 Responses to “Roccat Kone Gaming Mouse”
  1. idbaghera says:

    I own one of this, and i see a lot of issues:- system clamp loads quite poor after several months of use- no manual setting of the DPI to predefined software (eg 420dpi, 650 etc)- illumination remains active after shutdown computer…but heeey I can be more pretentious

  2. SJTelford says:

    Hey, idbaghera,It's really nice to hear peoples views who have been using the devices for a long time and can give us real feedback! I didn't feel the DPI setting problem you raised was too bad as you have 6 different settings between 800 and 3200 which for me worked nicely, but of course more fine tuning can always be nice! The illumination remaining active problem you raised is a problem we have with nearly all the mice we test and so not very specific to this mouse in general. In fact the Tt eSPORTS mouse I tested recently also did the same. This is only because the USB ports stay live and nothing really to do with the mouse itself!Simon

  3. Celty says:

    I'm a little confusd as to why reviewing the old model Kone, rather the the current Kone +. Ah sorry see you stated your rationale, but there really are some significant changes in the Kone+, I think.

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