Roccat Ryos MK Pro gaming keyboard to have 2 ARM Cortex processors

/ 5 years ago

The new MK Pro keyboard from Roccat is controlled by two 32bit ARM Cortex processors with 2MB of flash memory. But why would anyone put a couple of Cortex processors in a keyboard?

Well, one of the processors is dedicated to handling individual key lighting. An SDK is provided to program and customize the lighting for all 113 keys and you can assign a secondary function to any key. 2MB of memory is dedicated to store up to 500 macros.

The Roccat MK Pro keyboard will have the choice of black, brown, blue and red Cherry MX key switches with a promise of 50 million key presses in its life cycle, as pointed out by geek. The company also promises no ghosting issues due to n-key roll-over. Roccat will be using a smudge proof coating so that fingerprints will not be left behind (CSI’s worse nightmare).


There will be a Audio in/out pass-through ports, 2x USB 2.0 ports, acable channel to keep your desk cable-free and an extra large wrist rest.


One Response to “Roccat Ryos MK Pro gaming keyboard to have 2 ARM Cortex processors”
  1. Wayne says:

    I can’t wait to get my paws on this baby. I’ll have to take my supplier to lunch in order for me to convince him to let me keep it after I’ve tested it. It’ll be worth it.

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