Roccat Teasing “Own The Couch” For Computex 2014

/ 3 years ago


Roccat are cooking up something big for Computex 2014 with the launch of a teaser website called Own The Couch. With the Computex event set to take play next week (eTeknix will be there!) Roccat look set to make a “contribution to your living room experience” when they make their full announcement on June 10th.

What could this be? We’ll I think it is a safe bet that it will be a peripheral, or range of peripherals that are best suited to big screen gaming. My first guess would be a new controller, something the company hasn’t done yet. However it could also be a living room friendly mouse and keyboard combo, who knows.

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This is a pretty big deal though, especially since Roccat are one of the best in the business for creating high-quality, high-performance gaming products, so I’ve no doubt that whatever it is, it will be awesome.

Either that, or they plan on selling blue leather couches, now that would be weird.

Thank you TweakTown for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of TweakTown.

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  • Wayne

    As much as I love Roccat products I can’t say I’m terribly excited about this.

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