Roccat Torch Gaming Microphone Review

How Much Does it Cost?

Well, here is a surprise, as perhaps I hadn’t had my morning coffee (or six), as when I first looked into this microphone I was under the impression it was £140. I don’t know where I got that information from, but I thought that was about right given it has more features than its rivals which are typically around £100. However, not it’s actually just £82.25 on Amazon right now, down from £89.99, and that’s just a tremendous price for the feature you get here.


Roccat has long been one of my favourite gaming brands, and I’ve used a wide range of their keyboards, mice and headsets over the years. While I’m generally happy with the microphone that comes with my headsets, as I rarely chat in games these days, I can’t deny the quality upgrade you get from a dedicated desktop solution. I’m sure there are plenty of enthusiast online gamers who want to be heard clearly. I’m sure their teammates would like that too, as nobody like a mumbling crackle fest from you having a lousy microphone.

For gaming, this is a pretty decent microphone, just be sure to keep check of your gain and distance from your keyboard, or you’ll end up with a lot of unwanted background noise. If you’re a heavy typer and have a noisy mechanical keyboard, either use a boom arm, change your habits or buy a different microphone.

However, for a bit of podcasting, or streaming any other kind of content, for doing some casual voice-over work and general content creation, well, this microphone is just a heck of a bargain. Offering 24-bit audio with 48kHz sampling, three pickup patterns, on-the-fly gain control, and even latency-free direct monitoring make this a very versatile microphone. It gives you a professional experience at a fantastically affordable price.

The build quality is decent, and while the design maybe a little too “gamer” for some, I do like the look of it. The RGB is a fun touch, and it’ll add some flair to your gaming setup for your own enjoyment, or to make your streaming setup look cool on video. Of course, you can turn it off too, if you so desire. The only issue is the software suite is just the stock Roccat one and it doesn’t sync with their other peripherals, so I would like to see that addressed in a future model as their AIMO RGB hardware is pretty popular.

If you’re looking for a feature-packed microphone that can deliver professional-quality sound at surprisingly affordable prices, then look no further! Sure, it has strong competition from the likes of Elgato, Razer, NZXT and more, but I think Roccat can compete with them just fine, and their unique base controller unit does give it that little X-factor that makes it stand out from the crowd.

Roccat Torch

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