Rock Band 4’s DLC Costs a Total of $3926

/ 2 years ago


Rock Band 4 has a fairly extensive music library but also charges for a jaw-dropping 1973 downloadable tracks. Each piece of music is priced at $1.99 which equates to a monstrous total of $3926. However, the game usually revolves around downloading your favourite tracks and this huge amount of extra content is designed to suit a variety of tastes. Although, I would have preferred to have seen a large amount of these integrated into the base game.

Arguably, the licensing costs involved are astronomical which explains the high pricing model. However, it seems very unreasonable for consumers to spend such a vast sum of money in individual segments. The download model is akin to a free-to-play game and quickly gets out of hand when making regular micro-payments.

This is a shame as I’m pleased to see the resurgence of music-themed games. One saving grace is you can import various songs from Rock Band 3.  The series has also fleeced customers with its DLC programme and doesn’t look like changing anytime soon. Whatever the case, Rock Band 4’s superb gameplay could be marred by the absurd amount of DLC. This follows other games of late which implemented DLC on launch and tried to make microtransactions acceptable.

Have you ever used a microtransaction in a full-price game?

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