Rocket League to Add New Dropshot Game Mode on March 22

/ 9 months ago

Rocket League to Add Dropshot Game Mode on March 22

Psyonix has announced a new free game mode to be added to Rocket League called Dropshot, which changes the game’s objective from shooting into goals on each side to shooting the ball through an opening on the ground. The change introduces a refreshing new dynamic to the football-with-cars title as now ball juggling is much  more important rather than simply pushing it forward. The arena for Dropshot is a hexagonal zone unlike the usual rectangular space used in Rocket League, separated into two camps. Comprising this hexagonal arena are smaller hexagonal tiles which break off once hit and each side has equal number of tiles. There are no goals scored on any walls so users will have to create holes on the hexagonal surface by knocking the ball into the opponent’s floor.

Break, Shoot, Score! Our electrifying FREE new mode, Dropshot, arrives on March 22! Enter ‘Core 707,’ an all-new arena where traditional scoring is turned on its side as players smash through the floor to score. At launch, you can experience the mode for yourself in its own playlist, in addition to Private and Exhibition matches.

Psyonix is investing $2.5 million in eSports promotion in 2017 and dropshot is just one of their latest efforts to entice more gamers into competitive Rocket League gameplay. Gamers who attended PAX East 2017 in Boston were able to play the new game mode first hand, describing the gameplay dynamic as very different from regular Rocket League and has compared it to other competitive games such as Super Smash Bros.  Regular gamers would have to wait until March 22 for its release.

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