Rockstar Dev GTA V Tweets Add Fuel To The Fire

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Having a hype train is one thing, but the GTA V PC edition hype train, rumour mill, speculation spaceship… ok I made that last one up, but you get the idea, this thing is getting out of hand now and put simply, GIVE US THE PC EDITION ALREADY! I think many of us can at least agree on that.

Rockstar may be remaining tight lipped about new editions of the blockbuster titles GTA V, but every now and then a little something slips out of the cracks. Such as leaked box art, mysterior pre-order pages on some of the words most respected online retailers (eg, Amazon), and now the tweets of one of their developers.

When a user probed him about Grand Theft Auto V PC version, Rockstar Developer John Dias said:

“Until they are ready for you guys to the level of quality that you guys expect and that we expect from ourselves. These views are my own.”

— John R Diaz (@ElKingpin) January 31, 2014

Followed up by:

@Stanlyok do believe there are hungry gamers on that platform. I wonder how many Mac users are also #GTA fans?”

— John R Diaz (@ElKingpin) February 5, 2014

So what are were supposed to think from this, is there a PC edition or not? He certainly implies that there is one and that it’ll be revealed when its up to a certain level of quality, and perhaps even a Mac port too. We hate reading between the lines on this one, but there is enough in those two tweets that we don’t have to sugar coat it. Rockstar know how to build the hype and string people along, but to NOT release GTA V PC would be crazy.

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Thank you Inc Gamers for providing us with this information.

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