Rockstar Fixes the Duke O’ Death Car Exploit in a Unique Way

/ 3 years ago


Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V title had a big multiplayer exploit, where players could bring the Duke O’ Death car into multiplayer sessions, even though it was a single player car only.

Apparently Rockstar patched the exploit, but not the way you think. The company did not state how they fixed it exactly, however it is said that users trying to use the exploit are now blown to bits in a fiery explosion.

The Duke O’ Death car is made to be for single player use only due to its high armour stats and its ability to withstand a lot of damage, making it very unbalanced in a multiplayer battle.

Rockstar proved to take an amusing approach to fixing the bug, an approach that not many gaming companies would take nowadays.

Thank you WCCF for providing us with this information

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