Rockstar Games Investigating Amazon UK For Early Release Of GTA V

/ 4 years ago


According to Rockstar Games will be investigating Amazon UK after allegations of early release have been raised. This comes after a Twitter user posted proof of having received a copy of GTA V on PS3 3 days before the official street release date which is September 17th, it is reported that some other users also posted up pictures on Instagram of similar incidents.

Rockstar Games commented that:

“We are in the process of investigating early ‘sales’ to determine how and why that is occurring.”

In the UK this will see Amazon investigated as they are at the centre of most of these early sale controversies. GTA V is expected to 18 million copies in Take Two Interactive’s current fiscal year generating an operating profit of $230 million despite $137 million spent on development costs.

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Image courtesy of Travis Jakobi (Twitter)

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  • cxn-John

    Its an automated system, this happened to me with Battlefield3 i had it on pre order, and their system automatically sends the items when it comes into stock, i do not think there is anything wrong with this, i could not use my PC game until i was unlocked in ORIGIN the program that controls the game.

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