Rockstar Games keeps an eye over “GTA V for PC” petition

/ 5 years ago

Rockstar’s commitment not to release their successor to their best selling franchise “Grand Theft Auto 5” for PC, PC Gamers and the franchise’s fans have started up an online petition to show Rockstar that there are lot of their fans who really want the title to be present for them in their preferred platform.

Out of a minimum requirement of 100,000 signatures, 83,601 supports have signed up. As of now Rockstar’s boss Dan Houser is aware of the petition that he is keeping a track on however no decision has been made.

However, reality is that the game is primarily coded for consoles and if they happen to make it available for PC all of a sudden, its going to be a Console rip off. Making a game for a PC is not the same as making for consoles and if Rockstar has a PC version viz. not a console rip-off, it may mean that they might have had one in the works already.

One of the reasons being speculated in forums for not bringing it to PC is so that game designers don’t require to work on the mod tools- which ended up being one of the reason why some PC Gamers love GTA series. Other reason- is the usual one- piracy. Afterall, if someone likes the game that they have illegally downloaded it, how many would go and buy one??

For those who are interested, you can sign the petition here.
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