GTA and Bully Feature In The Rockstar Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle

Each month, Humble Bundle releases discounted games as part of their charity fundraising. The incentive for purchasers is that it allows them to buy (often excellent) games, at a significant discount, while also providing money to charity. It’s a win-win!

Humble Bundle has just launched its latest offering and it’s a good one. Some of the best Rockstar games can be yours for as little as $1 or $15 if you’re feeling a little more generous.

Rockstar Games

Unless you have been living in a cave, or are blissfully aware of gaming developers, Rockstar Games are the company behind the excellent GTA series. they have of course done other games and as part of this bundle, some of the better offerings are available to you at a low price.

Given that it’s come at the end of the month when most of us have just been paid for the first time since Christmas, the timing couldn’t be better.

What games are on offer?

As always, the Humble Bundle is split into 3 tiers so we will list them as per the cost.

The $1 Tier

For just 1 singular dollar, you can have a copy of:

Admittedly, not exactly new games, but what did you expect for a dollar?

The $9.56 Tier (no idea why that amount)

For just under $10 you can, in addition to the 1 dollar tier, also have:

The $15 Tier

In addition to all the above, for $15 you can also play:

Great Gaming Deals

Now admittedly, given that I believe LA Noire is the most recent title on this list, you’re not exactly looking at modern games. The lack of GTA 5 is a little disappointing, yet hardly unexpected.

That is still a lot of games for just $15 and they are all largely excellent.

You can visit the Humble Page Store by clicking this link.

What do you think? Going to get this Humble Bundle? – Let us know in the comments!